Oak Glen Engagement | Tara & Brad

Yesterday I had the blessing of taking Tara and Brad's engagement photos. We went to Los Rios Ranch in Oak Glen, CA to take advatange of the beuatiful fall colors. I am in LOVE with these photos and think its my favorite shoot yet.

Tara and Brad just got engaged two weeks ago and have been dating for 15 months. They mey while working at a bank in the OC area. Brad noticed Tara one day while passing through the office and was intent on talking to her. He went out to his car quickly to try and be sly and not look super obvious. by the time he had gotten back to the room where she Tara she was on her way out the door. Her proceeded to follow her and everytime he got into the next room she was making her way out and into the next but he was set on talking to this beautiful woman. Finally he was able to catch up and hold the door for her. He had a 30 second window to vath her name and where she went to college. About two weeks later her approached her in the break room and tried to start a conversation by asking her what her name was again. He felt like an idiot when she said her and then said "and your name is Brad." Even though he felt like he made a fool of himself he was able to strike up a 10 minute conversation with this elusive woman. They started dating shortly after and will soon be man and wife.

Tara and Brad were so wonderful to work with and were incredibly relaxed in front of my camera. It awesome having couples that are down for anything and will do whatever to get the shot you want. I hope you all enjoyed their photos!