Santa Monica Engagement | Brynn & Andy

When Brynn and Andy told me they wanted to do a retro themed shoot at the Santa Monica Pier I got so excited! Brynn is super creative so I knew whatever ideas she had were going to be AMAZING! Brynn showed up in retro attire and they both worked it for the camera! I love that they brought their fur babies along to make sure they got an adorable family photo. Shooting on the ferris wheel and the beach all in one shoot was so much fun!

Brynn and Andy have been together for 5 years. They met at work and Brynn got tired of waiting for Andy to ask her out so she took charge and asked him.When they went up to visit Brynn's family for Christmas in 2014, Andy had a surprise up his sleeve. He proposed to Brynn in front of her whole family on Christmas and of course she said "YES!" In Brynn's family it is a tradition to welcome a new member to the family by making them wear a pair of depends on Christmas. As soon as the proposal was over her family made Andy pull on a pair and shamelessly wear them for the day. The happy couple flew to Minnesota a few days later to tell all of Andy's family the good news in person. 

Andy and Brynn are getting married this August at Calamigos Ranch and the feel of the day is 60's retro. It is going to be a blast!

From the Bride:

"Andy and I have been dating for six years, but we’ve been friends for over seven. He knows how much my family means to me, as I am the youngest out of six kids and the last to get married. Around Christmastime 2014, we went up to Seattle for my family party. After everyone had opened their gifts, Andy got everyone’s attention because he had (secretly) avoided opening his present until last. We all thought we knew what he was going to open, and gathered around to watch him open our family’s white elephant gift. He gave a little speech about how the last present wasn’t really for him, and I thought he was going to pawn it off on me! Then suddenly he cast the package aside, got to one knee, and revealed a ring box in the hand that was behind his back the whole time. After answering him with “Are you SURE?”, “Finally!”, hugs and smooches, we ultimately made him open the package he had cast aside. Turns out he knew it was coming, and thought the proposal would get him out of it: old granny butt pads. My brothers made him put them on over his pants as initiation into the family.

My idea for our engagement shoot reflects my retro style, and who we are as a couple: romantic and fun! Stephanie did an amazing job capturing all angles of our personalities! We are Six Flags pass holders and love carnivals, so shooting at the Santa Monica Pier was the obvious choice. The shoot also reflects the style of our wedding in August: Rustic Retro! I’ve always loved everything mid-century; from the music, to the fashion, to the cars! There was no question about our theme, and with Andy’s love for the Beatles, he was on board from the start.

We love how our engagement session with Stephanie turned out, and we are excited to have her capture the biggest day of our lives in August!" 

Featured on Southern California Bride

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